Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gratuitous Uterus decides to procreate.

Pictured: G.U. holding circular knitting needles attached to the same yarn she is made from.
This would be more accurate if she was holding a crochet needle, but the knitting needles are cuter. And if I ever decide to crochet a brain, I'm totally using that yarn.


  1. I LOVE Gratuitous Uterus! I hope that ze lives many more fruitful posts and zir progeny go on to spur many to feminism! I also have to admit when she (or was he he last post?) joined the Tea party I hoped that he (or perhaps she) had joined the "T" party (like my uterus did not so long ago when I started taking hormones). I'm not sure how that would be depicted, but probably with a needle for injecting.

  2. Ok - that's really cute :)

  3. Thanks people! Aw, the T party would have been a GREAT idea!